Research Projects

The listed software has come from a research and development background. There has also been the opportunity to conduct other more pure research and publish some results on that. A broad categorisation would include distributed systems and Artificial Intelligence. This page lists the current research activities that are related to the work on this site.

1. Publications

Publications include research papers and also one book. The papers have been published in journals or as white papers. The book has been self-published.

Papers: The papers have derived primarily from the ideas of the licas distributed system and related cognitive model. Some other areas have also been looked at however and some new discoveries have been made.

Book: The book is also primarily about distributed systems, the licas ideas and related cognitive model.

2. Other Research

Game Playing: While not part of the commercial products, there has been some research looking at computer chess. The computer chess program is still only a prototype or demo version.

3. Resources

Online: This page lists online resources or documents from other people that might be interesting to read.