Software Products

The software is desktop-based, with the licas system offering possibilities for mobile development. The software products are varied, but relate to distributed systems and computing, with a focus on AI algorithms. Text processing and search is the other central theme. The products now offer complete solutions, where any demo versions are fully functional. The professional version provides token add-ons. The licas system server code is also available as open source. You can find further details about each project by clicking on the related link or icon.

1. Distributed Computing

  • Licas: Build distributed service-based networks (Cloud or SOA).
  • Code Analyzer: Utility tool for generating metadata to help with semantic searches.

2. Text Processing
  • Textflo: Text document management, organising, search, processing or analysis.

3. Game Playing
  • ChessMaps: Chess game-playing program that uses a neural network.
  • Match-It: Puzzle game (with a loose relation to a search heuristic).


Licas - stands for lightweight (Internet-based) communication for autonomic services. It is an open source software package, written in the Java programming language, that allows a user to build and run lightweight networks of service-based components (SOA). Communication includes REST, XML-RPC, HTTP and Web Services. Other integrated features include service protection, metadata/query, autonomous, agent-based, self-organising. Special to the system are its AI and text-processing features. In particular, there is a fully integrated Autonomic Manager, where advanced programming and configuration is required to use it. Sub-packages include other AI algorithms that can be run in either a distributed or a more centralised environment. A free All-in-One GUI allows you to manage services and function, and add your own modules. Example Apps are included and the server is Android compatible.

There are optional packages and setups, for a server, business client/p2p GUI, or scientific problem solving. The modules are stacked, where the lower ones can be used separately. The free All-in-One GUI provides a basic operating environment and some bespoke services. Click on the icon for further details.

Download: Open Source with free GUI.

Textflo - This product can filter or format text-based content. It also includes document organiser and search capabilities, and might more correctly be termed a text management system. The management capabilities are now quite advanced and can be used to organise or even schedule, your local or online documents. With the large number of documents stored on your computer and online links that you might use, this is a helpful application that allows you to navigate the environment more easily. Everything is local, so you do not need to store anything in the cloud. A database can also be used that may be local or remote.

The application can read a variety of file types - Text, XML, PDF or Microsoft Word Binary, and can apply a sequence of operations on the text to transform it into a different format or structure. Most of the fields that you enter can be searched over. A separate Organiser application allows you to categorise your local documents or online links and even set deadlines or reminders. A query form allows complex query operations over text or XML, while a grid format allows for database views, or more complex sorts, over tabular data. There are also a number of AI analysis algorithms to help with categorisation, or just understanding the content better. A demo version is available that is fully functional. Click on the icon for further details.

Download: Commercial with demo version.

Code Analyzer - This utility program is a code analyzer and semantic mapping application. The application can read source code files and parse them to determine what the most important words or concepts in the method headings are. This information is then used to allow the user to enhance these method descriptions with standard descriptions from online dictionaries. This would be useful, for example, if the code was an interface to a Web-based service. It can also generate admin documents for initialising licas services, through the same parsing routines. The full version is free. Click on the icon for further details.

Download: Free full version.


ChessMaps - The ChessMaps chess playing program has been developed using the 'Chessmaps heuristic'. This heuristic uses a neural network at its core to order moves for the search process. The neural network tries to map the square control of any position to the squares influenced by each move and then use this to order any moves as part of a search process. New research has extended the prototype program with forward-pruning ideas. A demo version of the program can be downloaded that will allow you to play the game, although it is a little bit buggy. This demo also includes a new version of chess where the squares can be 'mined'. Click on the icon for further details.

Free (prototype).

Match-It - Rubik's Cube for beginners! Match numbers or symbols over a game grid to try to optimise your score. Skill required to decide what values to keep or remove, and strategy/tactics in realigning scoring squares. Written in C# and comes as an setup.exe installer. Click on the icon for further details.

Download: Free.