Distributed Computing Systems provides free and open source software. The products relate to distributed systems and computing, with a focus on AI algorithms. Text processing and search are also central themes.

My background is University-based, where I worked for several years, both as a software engineer and as a researcher. Since then, I have written a book in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet and SOA, and published a number of papers that describe my own cognitive model.

I am currently available for freelance work in programming, research, writing, or consultancy. I would also be interested in any sources of funding and/or collaboration.

Work Experience

A summary of my work experience is as follows:

  • Experienced software engineer, with the design and development of products over the whole software life-cycle.
  • Main programming languages are Java and C#, with some web-based and mobile knowledge.
  • Algorithm development, particularly for Artificial Intelligence and distributed systems. Also test programs.
  • Server-side programming and Windows-based GUI development.
  • With an academic background, I am strong in research and technical writing, where my research interests include Artificial Intelligence (autonomous, agent-based, cognitive or neural systems), heuristics, search or query processes and distributed information systems.


Latest updates, bug fixes, etc.

licas (2/20):
1. Service updates - Sparql Query now allows nested Select clauses.
2. Information and Messenger service updates.
3. Other bug fixes.

Textflo (10/19):
1. The full version is now free.
2. File now released after loading, for external use.
3. Organiser Reference Note can now be RTF formatted.

Code Analyzer (3/18):
1. Only the full version as unlikely to be updated.
2. Licas script removed. May be used again in a different program.

Note: Any file path is stored simply as a text description and so it can be automatically changed in any config file. Do a backup first.

Other Information

I am taking a short break from the software, but I hope to resume developing code after that.

Cognitive algorithm
AI project by Boris Kazachenko.

Software Defined Networks Special Interest Group.

SAI Computing Conference.

Contact Details

You can contact me by email, or through the contact details page.